Loco’s Hot New Inflatable Tandem For Summer 2018 Fun In The North East

    Loco’s Hot New Inflatable Tandem For Summer 2018 Fun Hits The North East

Carrying Loco's new 17' Motion Air Tandem iSUP

You’ve probably already seen stand up paddle boarding taking place along the North East coast and along many of the calmer rivers. Hard to believe it’s been over 10yrs since Boardskillz front man Joe started the whole SUP scene up in Tynemouth.

Sunset Paddle Boarding For Two At South ShieldsDespite being sceptical about inflatables in the early days Joe’s brand Loco Surfing has been at the forefront of iSUP design over the last couple of seasons and is proud to unveil its 17′ Motion Air Tandem which is about as much fun as 2-3 people can have on the water at the same time.

Tandem Paddle Boarding At Sunset In South ShieldsAlongside this new iSUPs instant appeal to families and couples it’s also set to be a great teaching aid for 1-2-1 SUP tuition making learning a real doddle of visual learners and it makes sessions a lot easier to manage from the perspective of the SUP coach too.  It certainly found favour with the guys from On Water Training based at Hartlepool Marina who took the board from a spin in the link below.


Not only a great multi-person bit of the kit for the whole family to enjoy but Loco see this ‘unlimited class’ length and proven race-bred Motion outline also striking chords with adventurers wanting to take the endless amounts of kit without compromising on speed or manoeuvrability.

High fives all round after a killer Tandem SUP session

If you can see you and your loved ones using one of these this summer there’s no better time to get in touch with prices starting from just £799 which is still £100 cheaper than a single person inflatable from many of the heritage brands who’s tech, fixtures and paddle choices look a little mean when compared to Motion Tandem.

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