Surfing is one of the oldest water sports with it’s roots dating back to ancient Polynesia with early adopters even including royalty surfing on coffin doors believe it or not. More recently surfing has exploded in popularity from the West Coast of California to the colder waters of our native North East here in the UK. The sport has fragmented into different styles with people riding longboards, short boards and all manner of hybrid surf craft depending on their age, ability and prevailing conditions. More recently we’ve even seen stand up paddle boards (SUPs) come back into fashion.

Whether you’re just learning how to surf or have been doing it for years once you’re hooked that’s it. You become fixated on the weather channels and are always looking for that next swell.

Boardskillz doesn’t provide surf lessons as there are already 3 schools offering this locally but we do have an extensive fleet of performance short boards designed by Bill Atlee for Loco Surfing. Whether you’re looking to hire a surfboard locally at Tynemouth, Seaburn or South Shields for a day, a weekend or week we normally have a surf shape that will work for your current ability and size. It’s also possible to take boards further afield; up to Bamburgh down to Saltburn or Scarborough or even to Devon and Cornwall with suitable ID and a damage deposit. It’s also possible to purchase surfboards directly here in Tyne & Wear from our sister company Loco Surfing.

For those looking to escape Tynemouth, Boardskillz will be running forecast-driven surf trips where Joe will take a group of surfers to Northumberland or North Yorkshire, showing them the best surf spots with the option to take pro quality photos or even video for all surfers or indeed SUPers.