Loco was originally a collaboration between competition paddle surfer, general paddle board enthusiast and Boardskillz SUP School Lead Instructor/Owner Joe Thwaites and legendary custom windsurf, surf and kite board custom shaper Bouke Becker from Witchcraft Sailboards, Fuerteventura.

Since the brand’s inception back in 2012 Joe has tirelessly developed a full range of stand up paddle boards working with a variety of world class shapers from all four corners of the globe. For 2015 Loco has ventured into producing surfboards which are firmly pitted at intermediate to advanced riders as well as directional kite boards which will strike chords with strapped and strapless kite surfers who like to play in the waves.

Loco prides itself on being developed in the North East of England and subsequently always offers local people the best prices on all of it’s products including their SUP Package Deals and Special Offers across all three sports.

The Brief

To create a line of super light compact shapes that would provide options for beginners, recreational paddlers, more experienced paddle surfers looking for performance and options for cross over watermen looking for plug and play instant success.

Our boards work in different ways depending on riders bodyweights, offering ultimate flexibility, unrivalled strength and minimal weights. Whether youre new to the sport looking for easy progression, paddle for recreation or fitness or simply want to shred in extreme conditions our boards guarantee exhilaration.

Ok so you like the look of our boards, have heard about their riding ability and you now want to demo a board. We’re running with Loco SUP for our school fleet this season so there will be ample opportunity to test drive the complete range on flat water in the Lake District or in some waves at Tynemouth or Northumberland. You can’t miss our test centre trailer…



Having taught hundreds of people to paddleboard Joe knew exactly what he wanted from this entry level shape. It needed to be wide, have full rails, a decent amount of nose kick for effortless paddling and a suitably wide tail to promote directional stability. Alongside offering instant success to the beginner this board also works remarkably well in the surf for the 110kg+ rider. Killer paintjob in 3 attractive colours, 3/4 length deck pad, FCS GoPro nose mount, double leash plugs and a full set of fibreglass future fins separate this board from the crowd.

2014 Specs 911 x 33 3/8 x 4 5/8 190L

Available in our CoreFlex technology.

Was 849 Now 599

2015 9’11” x 32” now in stock


Based on a custom wave SUP designed for an experienced heavier rider this board is the go to weapon for the 90-110kg paddle surfer. The 95 has sufficient width for those days when the wind suddenly gets up and is perfect for punching out through the heaviest of white water. Despite its broad shoulders the advanced rocker line, thin rails and narrow squash tail makes for a lively sensation underfoot. Get your back foot over the kick tail, drive hard and hit the lip roundhouse style!



With 157L of volume this board also works as a fantastic entry level board for 85kg watermen crossing over from windsurfing, surfing and kiting alongside offering first time ladies a compact, super light board that is easy to carry.

Specs 95 x 30 7/8 x 4 157L

Available in DuraTech & DuraTech Wood

Price 899 / 949 including FREE board/paddle bag

811 The baby brother of our proven 95 this board is aimed at Intermediate to Pro paddle surfers weighing 65-80kgs. Similar shape characteristics with single concave going into double concave towards the squash tail offering blistering speed and control in everything from 3ft to double overhead. If you want to push the envelope this board wont let you down.



With 136L of volume this board will also work as an intermediate board for lighter ladies and a great entry level option for kids.

Specs 811 x 29 1/8 x 4 3/8 136L

Available in DuraTech & DuraTech Wood (sold out)

Price 899 including FREE board/paddle bag (only blue left in stock)


Loco Paddles

Having tried lots of paddles over the years we wanted something lightweight but still robust enough to take our large surf punishment. With 8” blades these paddles work really well for surf use but also work perfectly fine as all rounders. Unless you’re doing any competitive distance racing this paddle will set you ahead of the pack. It weighs just a smidge over 600g and has an ergonomically designed anti-slip handle so punching yourself in the face redirecting hard off the lip is no longer a problem! In terms of the carbon lay up it’s a 3k blade and 12k shaft which offers the best compromise in terms of flex and durability.
I’m 100+kgs and I’m leaning heavily on the paddle in the first picture so make your own mind up about our construction. These paddles are exactly the same as Focus Surfboards Hawaii, Mistral and numerous other brands which all sell for a significantly higher price! The next branded batch will be selling for 229 so save s before the price increase.All our paddles come supplied with a fitted paddle guard.
Price 199 with free delivery / 159 if bought with any new SUP from Boardskillz