Stand Up Paddle Boarding is officially the fastest growing board sport in the world! From Thailand to New York people from all walks of life are coming together to enjoy paddle boarding. Using oversized 11-12ft surfboards with specially adapted paddles the sport is really easy to learn. All you need is water confidence, a few basic pointers and you’re away!

Stand Up Paddle offers flexibility above all; if it’s flat cruise along the coast, meander down a gentle river or take in the scenery on a lake from a unique elevated vantage point. If there’s some swell hit your local break, paddle out to an unexplored reef, even stick one of the kids on the front and use it as a tandem surfboard or paddleboard, the possibilities are endless.

With a constantly evolving portfolio of paddling products including; BSUPA Beginner Courses, Group-Based Taster Sessions, Paddle Fit, Schools, Youth Groups & NUS Initiatives as well as BOGOF Private Coaching Sessions, Boardskillz are well placed to get everybody out on the water irrespective of ability, aspirations and budget.

Once you’ve got the basics kit is available for hire and if you’re suitably taken with the sport you can buy all the necessary equipment from one of our many suppliers. We also have one of the largest SUP demo fleets in the UK for this season, so can offer our clients the opportunity to try a number of different shapes at key prices points.