Boardskillz Paddle Surfing Clinic in North Yorkshire Goes Off

Boardskillz Paddle Surfing Clinic in North Yorkshire Goes Off

Winter certainly sorts out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to paddle boarding with most preferring to hibernate unless the sun’s out and the thermometer hits as least 10 but for the dedicated this time of year offers up some of the best waves and if you know where to look and have the necessary equipment to stay warm the pros often outweigh the cons.

After cross-tabulating several weather resources it seemed like the aftermath of the much-publicised storm surge on the East Coast might throw up some sizeable and clean swell down on the North Yorkshire coast.

Joe had been working with a couple of competitive paddle surfers for a while but for the coaching he had in mind we needed some waves of consequence. This seemed like the best chance of getting what we needed so a dawn raid was planned with a couple of locations high on our list.

We arrived to find a small but super clean bump breaking about a mile away from the car park which might lead many to think that the effort of getting to it wasn’t worth braving the 3 degree temperature but having paddlesurfed there several times before Joe knew that said bump would be at least head to double head high once they paddled across to the reef.

Kick on, boards waxed and after a quick warm up we jumped on our wave sups and headed across a seemingly flat bay with some purpose trying to raise our body temperature and maybe sweat out some alcohol in one person’s case, no names mentioned.

It wasn’t long before Nick was scratching into his first bomb with Simon following shortly after, they certainly had the bottle for the bigger waves but it was soon clear some work was required. After watching for a few rides Joe offered up some advise before the guys were back to the peak carefully selecting their waves before dropping in and carving around the pocket like semi-pros.

After a short break for lunch and some more visualisation and on land coaching we decided to change location for the afternoon session as the wind had become problematic. This time Joe bust out the video camera so that he could show both riders what they were doing wrong or could improve on. This proved invaluable at the debrief over a coffee in the pub later where both guys could see where they needed to make subtle technique changes.

We’re confident both Nick and Simon will be forces to be reckoned with in this year’s BSUPA National Paddle Surfing Series.

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