Boardskillz Sponsors Northumberland Wave Slam

Northumberland Wave SlamBoardskillz Sponsors Northumberland Wave Slam

As social secretary for the Northumbrian Windsurfing Club, Joe thought it might be quite fun to run a local wave sailing competition for intermediate to advanced windsurfers around a forecast up in Northumberland. After calling a few favours from some of brands and sticking in a few quid from Boardskillz it appeared there was a prize find big enough to justify charging for entry.

Windsurfing Top Turn

All that was needed now was a half decent forecast and to get the word out. After the usual social media pimping we had interest from as far as Yorkshire, Cumbria and even Aberdeen!

A strong Northerly soon showed up on the forecasts which would guarantee waves so the call was made with the hope that the wind would swing Westerly and MOB would light up.

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