Boardskillz Test New Loco Aztec iSUP

Air Air Premium Dropping Into WaveBoardskillz Test New Loco Aztec iSUP

After months of development Joe’s new Loco iSUPs finally landed here in the North East so we were keen to put the first batch of boards through their paces, with the Aztec Air and Amigo Air Premiums being of particular interest to Joe, offering some enhanced paddle surfing sensations alongside the option to connect a windsurfing sail.

Aztec Air Premium iSUP Bottom TurnWinter makes it tricky trying to second guess the weather so you can actually get some half decent photos and video but there was enough of a wave last week to justify a paddle surfing test drive for the Aztec Air so Joe recruited former instructor and paddle surfing mate Nick to put the new stick through its paces while he played David Bailey.

Aztec Air Premium iSUP Lip SmackIt was soon clear that this inflatable paddle board was a real game changer; short enough to turn radically, a rail with a hard enough edge offering some bite and some actual rocker in the nose and tail.

The waves weren’t really saying much but it was enough for Nick to say it was the best inflatable he’d tried to date and with some wind in the post for this weekend we’re looking forward to putting the Aztec and it’s big brother the Amigo iSUP through their paces in windSUP mode.

Stay tuned…

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