Despite being around for over 30yrs Windsurfing is still one of the most exhilarating water sports. Whether you’re all about going fast, want to carve silky lines on the wave face or fancy dialling in those impressive freestyle moves, windsurfing has something for everyone.

Boardskillz has its roots in Windsurfing. Having sailed in some of the World’s most challenging locations we’re well placed to deliver first-rate tuition alongside offering impartial advice on new and used windsurfing equipment. We specialise in teaching beginners and early intermediates on a 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 basis as we believe this produces the best results. Keen to cater for every sailor’s learning needs, Boardskillz run Pro Clinics on a quarterly basis. If you’re looking to nail water starts or footstraps and harness technique, those illusive carve gybes, improve your jumping or even contemplate forward loops and vulcans be sure to register early.

For 2010 we’re now able offer equipment from a variety of dynamic brands, so please take a moment to check out our Online Shop. Our Amex RDM masts and Goya sails were particularly well received last season. Be sure to get in contact about our planned demo days, where they’ll be everything from dedicated high end race gear through to the latest in thruster and quad fin wave boards for people to try free of charge.

We’re also looking to organise a couple of foreign trips this season so again please register your interest if you’d like to hone your skills in warmer climes.

See you on the water…