Learn to WindSUP with Boardskillz

So you’ve bought a SUP with the windsurfing option and now you’ve got the paddling bit you want to use your board in windsurf mode? You’ve come to the right place as Joe teaches windsurfing for beginners and intermediates and was one of the first people to get into windSUP in the UK some 6yrs ago! Whether you’re looking to learn the basics on flat water or intend to up-skill to a point where you can wave sail in light winds, Boardskillz will guide you through the process and with links to Northumbria Windsurfing Club we can even signpost sailing buddies or source relatively inexpensive rig components for your first attempts. We can also supply the latest sails from Goya, JP and many other windsurfing brands.

We recommend a half day session on flat water for your first attempts which should have you performing basic turns both up and down wind as well as providing you with some essential safety know how for when you’re practising by yourself. It usually takes 2-3 sessions before you’re fully competent and can be let loose unsupervised.

Alongside practical skills, some theory and self-rescue techniques you’ll learn about etiquette in waves so that you’re not annoying surfers at your local break.